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Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi by GiH-Crafting Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi by GiH-Crafting


How I made the costume STEP BY STEP 

Stuff I bought for this costume (if there's something not written here, it's probably because I already had it)
-Dark blue/gray fabric (took me a long time to find the RIGHT color. So take your time) - 20$ 
-Red stechy fabric - 5$
-Red/black/yellow felt sheet - 20$ in total
-Heat brown fabric - 2$
-Black elastic - 4$
-Gray foam (don't take too much, it's quite expensive) - 7$
-Craft foam : black and white - 15$ in total
-Wig - 27$
-Circle lenses - 25$
-Woodglue - 8$¸
-White laces - 5$
-Red spray paint - 10$
-Varnish spray - 8$

Total: 156$ (craft foam is really expensive, but they come in package of 10 sheets so you have many more for other cosplay) 

Wig: Bought on Ebay at first but honestly I suggest anyone who wants to make the costume to make their own wig with a red weft. When I got my wig, it was way too short and the red piece of hair was just not even appearing on it. -__- It's always hidding behind the dark blue hair and it's friggin annoying. :| So yeah, get a not too short dark blue wig on arda and get red wefts to make your own wig. I used Got2B hair spray to hairstyle my wig but as you can see, it didn't last long since I don't like overusing hairspray on wigs ^^'

Top base: For the ones who are realllllyyy not able to make stuff from scatches, honestly, making a top like this is quite simple. Just take an old, kind of big shirt that you won't be using anymore, cut it on the sewing lines and THERE! You have your patterns ! You just have to edit them to make the top shorter and the neck hole in a ''V'' shape. Place these patterns on your fabric, cut and sew them together ^^ for the sleeves, since I was using an old t-shirt as my main pattern, I just extended my lines for the sleeves and it gave my long sleeves. that's it ! ^__^ 

The 'eye': the eye of senketsu was really simple too. I just used felt sheet: red, yellow and black. Cut them in the shape I wanted, stick the pieces together with white liquid glue and then using the same glue, stick it to the top piece. 

The 'eyepatch': what you need: black elastic, old bra, heat brown fabric, strechy black fabric and lots of hot glue :| 
first of all, I cut the excess of the bra, which is the other boob part and the straps. Covered the whole thing with the black fabric and glued in the back with hot glue. IF YOU WANT: You can also hand sew in the back to make sure it holds on place ! after that I added the black elastics. Of course I took my measures before and checked how long I would need for the elastic coming upon my shoulder and around my belly. I sew these together but you can also use clips ! 
Finally, I cut the brown heat fabric in the 'x' form (use references to get it right!) and iron it on the eye patch. Make sure you only use heat and not the steam or else it won't stick properly. 

The scarf: of fml i don't want to explain that shit It's just a bunch of ''wtf'' :V just search ''sailor scarf'' on google you might find something ;-;

The sailor collar: I found many tutorials on Youtube and Google on how to make your own sailor collar. I just edited few of them to make it fit for my top. Then with my ruler and a white sewing pencil and straced my lines to know where the red lines are going to be. Then with this reference line I just sew a red small ribbon piece on it. I did a double sewing on the two sides of the ribbon so it'll look clean. Take your time on this step since the ribbon is not really large, you want to sew on the limit of it. You can still take larger ribbon, it's up to you! When you're done with this, just iron is and sew it to your top ! 

Skirt: There's soooo many tutorials on the internet to make that kind of skirt :'D I took references from what I found on DeviantArt.

Hips thingy and belt: The belt, I didn't took the time to make it great looking or so, just took the same black elastic that I used for the eyepatch, measured it to make it fit my hips (acutally I made it a little smaller so it would stay on) Then, then hips pieces I didn't made them really AWESOME LOOKING AND STUFF since I lost time at one point. If you have lots of time, please make them really nice and find another persons who made them really well. In my case, I have money and time issues so I just used craft foam, cut the piece, used my heat gun to warm it up, then fold it and press it down with something heavy. that's. it. XD then just stick the pieces to the belt thing with hot glue :'D oohhh and be sure that they are well placed on your belt and symetric!

Glove: HA I was so happy to see that Ryuko had only ONE glove ;-; I hate making these.... There's MANY tutorials on youtube on how to make gloves. I highly recomand using strechy fabric. It's going to be WAAAY EASIER TRUST ME. There's the Socks technique where you only have to use a sock to make the glove, but good luck finding one red :'D Otherwise, you can also make the whole glove yourself with strechy fabric. I found a really great Tutorial on Youtube and it is actually the one I used for my glove. This one is for a full hand, when you're done making it, just cut off the tip of the fingers. Obviously the sew line will be cut so I recommand that you hand sew on the sewing line of the fingers or else it'll open up while you're wearing it. Ryuko has black lines on her glove as you can see on my Reference pic. I put the glove on, traced these lines with my white pencil as my main guide and then drew slowly with a black thin sharpie. Wait for it to dry for a while. Now time for the joints pieces. it's simple again: white craft foam ! It took me a while to have 4 clean pieces x_x but yeah, just cut it as you feel it and then glue them on the glove with hot glue! While I glued the pieces, I was wearing the glove to make sure that they will be on the right place but honestly, it burned me so try to put somthing solid in there instead of putting it on. You cannot glue the pieces with nothing inside or else it'll stick with the other side of the glove :|
The bracelet part was simple too. I used a piece of flexible foam that you can find in any fabric store. (Mine is gray if it can help you to find it) I cut a long piece of foam around 10 inches x 2 inches. (the 10 inches part may be different for you depending on your hand)  I used an exacto to cut two lines in the middle with around 1 cm space between them. DO NOT CUT TROUGH THE WHOLE THING. Just slightly ! Then with you scissors, cut the middle part. It's not meant to be really really clean. You have to cover the bracelet with red strechy fabric, the same used for the glove. After that, thake craft foam, cut a long straight piece that will cover the whole that you made previously in the foam. Glue it with hot glue ! I'll end up looking like this. Then just hand sew the two extrimity together and your glove is all Done

Shoes: welp, this wasn't very complicated. I had old white shoes that I used for my hip hop dance lessons and reused them. I washed them real nice then covered the whole thing with white acrylic paint and spray varnish. They look brand new ! Before they were like... brown :| oohh and I bought new laces too ! Laces make a huge difference. :| 

Scissor blade:
Probably the awesome/painful part of the costume :'D
Stuff you'll need: 
:bulletred: Pink isolation foam. (30$ for a HUGE piece, I already had it)
:bulletred: sanding paper (80 / 120 and 230, it cost around 3$ each packs and you have many pieces) 
:bulletred: Wood glue
:bulletred: Red spray paint
:bulletred: Varnish pray
Materials you'll need: 
:bulletred: Pen
:bulletred: ruler
:bulletred: jigsaw¸
:bulletred: knife
Let's start ! :'D First of all, I made MANY sketches to have an idea on how my scissor blade would looks like. I used many references but when I started making it in October, there was only few ones who made the blade. (Right now there's SOOO many references on the internet :|) I made my scissor a little bit bigger then it's supposed to be because I wanted to add this massive badass look to my overall cosplay. When my main design was done, I hand drew on my isolation foam the scissor and cut it off with my jigsaw. AND OH PLEASE, PUT ON SECURITY GLASSES. :| To get the angles of the scissor, I used the angle platform on my jigsaw and then cut again on my guide lines.  When everything is well cut, the only way to make it trough is sanding. There's an overall work of 50 hours of sanding on my blade. It's really hard so sand on isolation foam since it's never perfect and there's always some waves on it (on the blade part, not the handle) so yeah, the huge secret is: be patient and just sand the shit out of your blade. I used a knife to sculpt few parts that were impossible to get with the jigsaw. THEN SAND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Use the 80 sand paper first, but don't go too fast with it or it'll mess up the foam a little. The keep on going with the 120. Most of my sanding was done with the 120. the 80 is only to remove huge massive parts. to finish up touches I used the 230 to make it smoooth ~ 
As you may know, the insolation foam cannot handle painting. You cannot just go straight for it and cover it with paint. You have to cover the blade with wood glue. I used the ''poor method'' XD You can also use resin, but you need a well areated place, which I don't have. The wood glue won't hey the same good looking result as the resin, but if you work hard on it, you can totally get a nice result. I used a brush and covered my scissor with two coats. Once it's all dry(I waited 24H just to make sure) you have to SAND IT :| YEAH. SANDING WOOD GLUE. It's not the easiest thing to sand, but when you put heart and soul into it, the result is just amazing. I started with a 80 sanding paper for 3 or 4 hours then went for the 120 for around 6 or 7 hours and final touches with 230 for around 2 hours or 3. When you're satisfied with the sanding, you can now spray paint it. I painted it with a slitghly darker red shade because red in pictures comes out a little more lighter. I covered it with 2 or 3 coats to make sure the color is really dense. Wait for it to dry and then cover it with two or three coats of shiny varnish ! ~ (around two or three coats) Then you'll be done ! :'D The scissor is quite solid, but still, don't smash it around :| 

I'm very sorry for my bad english, if you have any question don't be shy and just ask for it! ~ It'll be my great pleasure to help you out ! ^__^

Thanks to the wonderful Droo for the picture and editing ~ 

More reference pic here 
Ryuko Matoi Cosplay - Wip 1 by GiH5
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K-Death Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
How much wood glue, paint, varnish and sand paper did you end up using for the scissor sword?
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Wood glue: one bottle was more than enough to cover it actually, I used half of the bottle ^^
Paint, I used one and a half bottle of red spray paint. I needed a lot so the color would be bright and uniform.
Varnish, less than a bottle of shiny spray varnish
Sand paper, I bought three packs of different grades. One pack of 80, one of 120 and one of 280. There's 3 sheets in each of them and used one of each in the packages ^^

I hope it help !! :D 
K-Death Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Awesome, thanks so much!!
dbnibbles Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
if i dont have a saw, what can i use to cut the foam?
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Knife I guess, or an exacto. but be very careful, it's not really easy with these :/ I tried before my jig saw and it was quite messy. It just takes longer to sand after. but when you take the jig saw, it makes smooth lines and much easier to sand and shape the whole thing! A jigsaw is not that expensive, it's around  60$ for the minimum quality ^^ and when you have one, you can easily cut anything. It's worth investing money on it c:
Curseddepth Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Do you remember how much your shoes were when you bought them? Haha, weird question, sorry! Thanks for uploading! You look fantastic.
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Student General Artist
They were something like 100$ :| But today these aren't worth that much I bought them 5 years ago XD You can always go in a Foot Locker they always have many white shoes looking like Ryuko's. The small problem about it, is that they are a little expensive ;-;
CarryOnFlareon Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey, I was just wondering about what kind of material the "heat brown fabric" is. The cosplay looks amazing!
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Student General Artist
It's only a fabric. You buy this, it came with two small sheets. One side is a normal brown fabric and the other side looks like a sort of plastic. ^_^ sometimes there's white, red or black colors.
I'll try to find a picture of the product since I threw away the package. ^^'
moyashisoba Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014

i love the wig and the costume looks awesome:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

Please show me various poses!!(〇´З` )/Chu♪

GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student General Artist
More shots incoming in few weeks! I'm had a shoot with this cosplay few weeks ago and I'll certainly post more! C':
Typical-Mental Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Its really cool to finally read about just what you Cosplayers put yourselves through in this hobby! Its pretty impressive!
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah well, as you can see in the process, it took quite a while to finish such a simple costume :'D Thanks for comenting ~ <3
MaceRider Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just a comment - if you use epoxy resin then the area doesn't necessarily need to be aerated. Epoxy resin cures without releasing any sort of harmful gases or compounds, I've been working all winter in my apartment with epoxy resin. You just need to keep it warm so it cures faster. Polyurethane resin is the stuff that smells bad and needs ventilation to use.
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student General Artist
ohhh really? That kind of resin does exist ;-; ? uhruhhuhh totally going to find that. In canada the temperature is around -30 so I can't even get in my garage, it's way too cold :| Now I can work in my house aw yis ;-; THANK YOU ! 
MaceRider Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh shi- I just read up on some stuff and most people don't recommend using epoxy indoors without ventilation because you can become sensitized to it and get allergic reactions later. I have asthma and pretty bad allergies but I didn't have any issues with it myself, however I have to retract my statement that epoxy is harmless. Please don't work with it in a closed environment unless you are ready to vent the room during and after use.
GiH-Crafting Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Welp, that's problematic. XD I guess I'll just wait for summer and do it in my garage with the door open :'D My garage is not so well isolated so it's friggin cold ;-; Thanks for the advice ! ~
MaceRider Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If you are going to do it in summertime, you would probably be better off with a polyurethane base resin because they cure so much faster than epoxy-based resins. I don't know how dangerous it would be to use the epoxy indoors - like I said, I used it all winter and nobody here had any sort of problems with it. I think that if you were to just leave the epoxied piece in a room with the door closed and the window slightly cracked open, you would be fine. When you apply it, you're really only working for maybe 15-30 minutes with it. The rest of the time is just curing.
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